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Fabric Color and Style Makes a Difference at Luxury Pet Quilts

When Quilt Color Makes a Difference in a Luxury Pet Quilt

The Choice of Fabric Color

The choice of a fabric color and style tends to be a little personal.  While magazines and media can show us different styles and colors that are supposedly popular, the bottom line is that color and style are personal.  What one person likes and another person may hate.  I like yellow, my husband likes gray/blue, and my daughter’s color of the month is pink.  We have very different tastes in color and style.

The Problem

Recently, I noticed this with a wall hanging, that I was making as part of a quilting group.  Our task was to make a quilted piece using a particular pattern.  This one was the Sunny Trip pattern.  We could choose any fabric.  On the day we started our project, I was in a hurry.  I ran into my house and grabbed the first jelly roll or set of 2-1/2 inch strips that I could find.  It was a beautiful green combination of fabrics.  It looks great as a pet quilt or pet bed cover.  It looks great as a larger quilt.  However, as I was sewing that first night, I didn’t like it for this particular quilt pattern.

Green fabric sample Luxury Pet Quilts

Incredibly, I kept using the fabric trying to make it work.  But, the colors seemed wrong for this quilt.  It didn’t have enough contrast and the colors were blending together, which for this quilt pattern is not good.  So, I decided to put it aside while we made some other things.  Every time I took it out to work on it, I just didn’t like it.

The Solution

Finally, one night, it came to me.  Choose another fabric selection. Yep, it was that simple.  Here I was trying to make this work with the green colorway and it just wasn’t making me happy.  So, I went fabric diving.

In my office, I have a fabric collection of small pieces of leftover fabric from previous quilts.  I started pulling out fabric from a quilt I made my daughter a couple years ago.  After intense rummaging, I found enough to make the Sunny Trip quilt into a wall hanging.  But, here was the difference.  The colors were pastel pinks, greens, blues, and purples combined with white. It changed everything. The quilt went from a dark subtle quilt to a bright cheery quilt.

Snapshot of the Sunny Trip Quilt wall hanging I made

Luxury Pet Quilts Pet Bed Cover Solution

Sometimes, the color and pattern can make all the difference.  Here at Luxury Pet Quilts, I stick to some simple quilt patterns and let the colors and style of the fabrics show.  For instance, here are two quilts that have the same basic quilt top pattern of patchwork with borders(the white inner border is slightly different between the two).

Luxury Pet Quilts Scottie Qu-Flap Pet Bed Cover Front View


Yet the red Scottie dog quilt is very different from the blue quilt.  Personally, I like the blue quilt.  But, many people prefer the Scottie.  Different people, different color tastes, all goodness!

Many quilt patterns are presented at Luxury Pet Quilts in different colors, styles, and designs in hopes that you can find that perfect quilt.  As a result, I am constantly creating new pet quilts, so stop by often to see if there is a new one that meets your color choices.

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