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» » Part 1 Luxury Pet Quilts Quilting, Sewing, and Assembling

Part 1 Luxury Pet Quilts Quilting, Sewing, and Assembling

Stages of Luxury Pet Quilt Making

Part 1 Luxury Pet Quilts Quilting, Sewing, and Assembling

Have you ever wondered what goes into making a luxury pet quilt?  Recently, I wrote about the Stages of Quilt Making – The Design, The Quilting, The Finishing, and The Finished Quilt Product to share the steps involved in making a basic quilt.  Today, I want to talk a little more about the steps it takes to make a Luxury Pet Quilt.

A Luxury Pet quilt begins with a quilt.  To start the process, I will create a quilt as described in The Design and The Quilting.  However, my finishing is actually slightly different.  My pet quilts are designed to not only function as a flat pet quilt, but also as a pet cover for your pet bed, mat, or pad.  Therefore, I have additional steps of sewing in order to produce the beautiful pet quilts you see on the website.

Luxury Pet Quilts Dakota Qu-Flap Pet Bed Cover showing detailed quilting feather
Here is an example of a pet quilt before adding the bottom.

Sew and Quilt a Pet Quilt

I will design, sew, and quilt an actual quilt for the top of the Luxury Pet Quilt.  With the exception of binding, I make a complete quilt.  However, a little more thought goes into the design portion of the pet quilt.  In order to have a cohesive looking pet quilt, I will design the pet quilt and the bottom of the pet quilt with a coordinating fabric.  The amount of fabric used in a Luxury Pet Quilt is 2.5 times the amount use in a quilt of similar size.  While that does not sound incredible, it is when you are buying and sewing the fabric.

Adding a Qu-Flap or Zippered Sides

Two of the most popular models are the Qu-Flap and the Zippered models. In both models, additional sewing and design are essential to providing the finished product.  The Qu-Flap is sewn, serged, and attached.  The Zipper model is designed with three sided zipper and 3-5 inches sides depending on the size of the Pet Quilt.  Larger pet quilts have a larger side and smaller pet quilts have smaller sides.


Preparing the bottom of the Pet Quilt Assembly

In order have a finished look to the Luxury Pet Quilt, I will sew the bottom to ensure that has the correct facings for each model.  In the case of a Qu-Flap Pet Quilt model, the bottom assembly will have a matching facing.  That way when the flap is tucked around a pet bed, pad, or mat, the bottom will match the top if it sticks out a little at the tucked area.

Luxury Pet Quilts Dakota Qu-Flap Pet Bed Cover showing front view with bottom flipped up

Sewing the Luxury Pet Quilt Assembly

I use both a sewing machine and a serger to finish my seams.  In order to provide a finished and durable seam, I will make multiple passes at the same seam.  This provide a little thicker seam, but adds to the durability of the pet quilt assembly.  The Qu-Flap Pet Quilt is sewn in the shape of a pillow case or a sleeping bag with a flap.  When stuffing a pet bed into the pet quilt, one inserts it as if inserting a pillow into a pillow case.  Then they fold the flap over the open end.  This produces a nice finished end for the discerning customer.

The Pet Quilt shown here is the Dakota Luxury Pet Quilt!  It is on its way to its new home!  But, you can see the pet quilt here!

At this point, we have an almost finished Luxury Pet Quilt.  We will explore the final steps next time when we look at Part 2 of Luxury Pet Quilt Making.





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