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Part 2 Luxury Pet Quilts Washing, Pictures, Packaging and Shipping

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Stages of Luxury Pet Quilt Making –

Part 2 Washing, Pictures, Packaging, Shipping

In Stage of Luxury Pet Quilt Making Part 1, I discussed the method to producing a beautiful pet quilt pet bed cover for your special pet. At the end of Part 1, the pet quilt is complete with sewing, quilting, and assembling.

Now, we will talk about all those other actions that take place before you receive your pet quilt.  We will start with labeling, washing and ironing, picture day, and finally packaging and shipping.  When you get a piece of clothing such as a shirt at the store, it comes with labels with little plastic tags.  If you are like me, you probably rip them off, right before throwing that shirt in the wash and throw away the tag.  Yes, I admit.  I have done that, until I started my business.  Now, I actually read the tags.  Luxury Pet Quilts are like any other textile product.  We have tags as well.

Red Fence quilting Bedding Tag

Labeling the Luxury Pet Quilt Assembly

I provide multiple labels for your Luxury Pet Quilt including a Bedding Tag, Care Label, and Identification Label.  The bedding tag includes important information such as my WV bedding license number.  As a WV bedding Quilt maker, I am held accountable to provide you with important information such as the content of the batting and the origin of the contents.

The Care label is based on standardized information on how to care for your Luxury Pet Quilt such as washing, drying, and ironing instructions. The Identification label is my product and company name.  I am honored to make Luxury Pet Quilts for you.  In every identification label, it will have the product name such as Luxury Pet Quilts and my company name of Red Fence Quilting LLC.

Identification tag for Luxury Pet Quilts

Washing and Ironing the Pet Quilt Assembly

All Luxury Pet Quilts are washed prior to coming to you.  Why?  Because the cotton in the Pet Quilt will shrink and shrink a lot.  It is not uncommon for unwashed quilted cotton to shrink 2-3 inches in each direction.  Some of this is because unwashed cotton will shrink, just like buying a cotton t-shirt will shrink.  But, some of this is due to the quilting.  Depending on the quilting design, the length, width or both will shrink.  While this produces a beautiful look, it also produces a significant shrinkage.

Good Dimensions

I want to provide you with a good Luxury Pet Quilt dimensions.  Therefore, I will wash and dry your Luxury Pet Quilt so that the initial shrinkage occurs.  I measure after the quilt is dried.  You may wonder, if the pet quilt assembly can shrink any more.  The short answer is yes, but not very much if you follow the washing and drying instructions.


Another reason I wash the pet quilt is because, fabric often comes with sizing or a stiffening agent in it.  This helps fabric look so nice, crisp, and new in the store.  Most of the sizing will wash out with the first wash allowing cotton to be well, cotton.  Washed cotton is notorious for being difficult to press perfectly flat.  I press the Luxury Pet Quilt Assembly prior to sending it to you.  As a rule, I do not use any sizing, starch, or pressing fluids to create a beautifully flat pressed quilt.  I only use a spray of water to press the pet quilt.

When you receive your Luxury Pet Quilt, you may have some wrinkles in it. The cotton will have a natural waviness of cotton.  I leave the starching and pressing preference up to you.  There are pets and people with allergies and each buyer will know what is best for their pet.

Picture Taking Day!

This is always a fun day!  I have a fun, large, white tent that I take pictures of the Luxury Pet Quilts.  I try to take my pictures outside in the natural daylight around noon time.  This allows the best light with minimal shadows.  It also provides the best color matching.

One of the problems of producing pictures for the web, is making sure that the colors are true to reality.  The challenge is that each monitor or viewing device is different.  Just go to a store and look at a row of TVs for sale.  Each one is slightly different.  I check the color on multiple devices, but cannot be responsible for how it is delivered to your device.  It is impossible to know your devices or have a lot of devices to mimic yours.  Therefore, I check the colors on a HP laptop, iPad, and an iPhone.  In addition, I also check the colors and presentation on various web browsers including Apple Safari, Modzilla FireFox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Explorer.

Sam Quilt flap Pet Bed Cover

Packaging and Shipping

The packaging of your Luxury Pet Quilt happens shortly after the picture taking day.  The quilt package is a in clear plastic bag with an information card inside.  Be sure to read my return policy before opening the clear plastic bag. When your order processes and payment received, then I get ready to ship your Luxury Pet Quilt to you!  Usually, I will choose USPS for delivery method.  There will be exceptions to this, however that is my ‘go to’ method of shipping.

When you order a Luxury Pet Quilt, please know that I took the time to make a beautiful artisan product for your pet!  I am not a machine and each line, seam, design is not perfect, but it is real.  These pet quilts are a labor of love!







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