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Part 4 Finished Quilt Product

Stages of Quilt Making – Part 4 – The Finished Quilt Product

When we left the Stages of Quilt Making in Part 3, the quilt appears to be complete.  The quilt is designed, sewn, quilted, and bound with binding.  What more can you do to a quilt?  Actually, for many quilt makers, the process is not complete.  There are a couple more steps before it is considered complete; labeling the quilt including law labels when needed, packaging a quilt, and delivering the quilt.

Labeling the quilt

This is an important step. Many people fail to personally label a quilt.  Me included!  As my husband says…a hundred years from now, no one is going to remember that you quilted this quilt.  A quilt takes a lot of time, work, and money to make.  Identifying the person who sewed the quilt and the person who quilted the quilt is important and honoring.  If the quilt is for a loved one, it is a wonderful place to put words of wisdom and love.  If the quilt is to be sold, it is a great place to put identifying information about the quilt.  In some states, quilts need special labels identifying the contents of the quilt such as type of batting for the consumer.

Identification tag for Luxury Pet Quilts

Law Labeling the Quilt

In many states throughout the USA, it is important to have a law label on the quilt.  This identifies the maker of the quilt, batting or stuffing used, and the state in which the quilt is made. A bedding tag or licensed law label has batting composition as well as the Uniform number of the quilter. Therefore, Red Fence Quilting Quilts and Luxury Pet Quilts are products of Red Fence Quilting LLC and the bedding law tag will be Red Fence Quilting for both.

Along with the law label, there may be other legal tags for identifying the origin of the materials such as fabric especially for children.  Care tags and fabric origin are also included.  For instance, my fabric origin label will say, “Made in USA using Imported Fabric.”  If I know what country a fabric originated, I will include it.  Many times, the country of origin is not available.  Most fabric in US stores are manufactured and/or dyed overseas.  By the way, the batting, that I use, is made in the USA.

Red Fence quilting Bedding Tag

Packaging the Quilt

Packaging a quilt gives the giver or seller an opportunity to put that final touch on the product. A quilt can come in various packages from a plastic bag, paper bag, or a pillow case. Most of my for sale quilts are packaged in plastic to enable the recipient a beautiful view of the quilt prior to taking it out of the package.

Delivering the Quilt

The completed quilt took time, effort and money.  The material costs for a small quilt may be as high as $150.00.  Recently, I made a King size quilt.  When I totaled up the material costs of the fabric, thread, batting, etc., the cost was $337.00.  Then add the labor of sewing and quilting, that was spent on the quilt, and you would have a value of $800 – $1000 for the King size quilt.  If shipped, a quilt of this value should be insured through the delivery system.

Many quilters may have more steps than this for their quilts.  Quilts are undoubtedly, a labor of love and effort.  The next time you see a quilt, please realize the effort that went into the quilt.  These quilters are amazing artists.

What is in a quilt?  A lot of hard work and love, therefore something to be treasured!

Next, we will discover what does into making a Luxury Pet Quilt!  There are even more steps.

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