Small Luxury Pet Quilts and Pet Bed Covers for dogs and cats.

Luxury Pet Quilts Princess Front View Pet Bed Cover
Luxury Pet Quilt Princess Pet Bed Cover with Qu-Flap turned up showing backing
Princess – Qu-Flap Pet Quilt / Pet Bed Cover – Small

Small Size: 22 inches x 29 inches

The quilting on the small Princess Qu-Flap Luxury Pet Quilt / Pet Bed Cover is filled with flowing feathers from one side of the quilt center to the other.

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Disclosure : The quilt was designed and created for you in a non-smoking home with a Labrador Retriever. He does not like the sewing room, but does walk by it, usually to beg for treats! What to Expect: The pre-washed pet quilt will be folded and sealed in a clear plastic bag when you receive it. Please read our return policies before opening the sealed clear plastic bag. Care: Cool Wash and Dry is recommended. The quilt is pre-washed for you. As with most all cotton products, additional shrinkage can occur. By Luxury Pet Quilts pre-washing the product, most of the initial shrinkage has already occurred. It is okay to iron with a cool iron setting to remove creases in the fabric. Please note: High heat will damage the quilt. Red Fence Quilting LLC presents Luxury Pet Quilts which are Created, Sewn, and Quilted in America, with Imported Fabrics and Batting(made in USA).