Welcome to Luxury Pet Quilts Product Line of Red Fence Quilting LLC

Our goal is to provide you with an awesome pet quilt that enhances your pet’s environment. 

Our pet quilts are multi-functional, practical, fun, and beautiful at the same time.  Each pet quilt is a quilt that you may lay on the floor while watching your favorite video, place on the beach next to your beach blanket or a quilt for those moments when you are not splashing in the water, or stretch out into a crate for a more comfortable daytime snooze or nighttime slumber.

We say that our quilts have an attitude, because not only are they a quilt, but they are a pet bed cover, crate mat cover, or a cushion blanket.  They have a place to hide that old pet bed, mat, pad, or blanket with a flap or zipper to cover it up!  Check out the details about Qu-Flap Quilts and Zipper Pet Quilts. If you are interested in seeing difference Luxury Pet Quilts check out our video.  If you are curious how the Qu-Flap quilt works, please check out this video.

Here is the special thing about these quilts.  Each one is slightly different.  I sew and quilt each Luxury Pet Quilt with my sewing machine.  Quilting designs are created by me using some time honored designs and techniques.  I take the time to create a special homemade pet bed cover and quilt.  Look around the store!

I am always sewing new pet quilts all the time in various sizes and styles. The sizes are similar to crate sizes.  Shop around and order one today!  Since I only make one of each quilt, once they are sold, there no more!  Order yours today!

Have a wonderful day!


Additional Information:

Disclosure : The quilt was designed and created for you in a non-smoking home with a Labrador Retriever and a Yorkie Chon Puppy.  They do not like the sewing room, but does walk by it, usually to beg for treats!

What to Expect:

The pre-washed pet quilt will be folded and sealed in a clear plastic bag when you receive it. Please read our return policies before opening the sealed clear plastic bag.

Care:  Cool Wash and Dry is recommended.  The quilt is pre-washed for you.  As with most all cotton products, additional shrinkage can occur.  By Luxury Pet Quilts pre-washing the product, most of the initial shrinkage has already occurred.

It is okay to iron with a cool iron setting to remove creases in the fabric.  Please note: High heat will damage the quilt.


Red Fence Quilting LLC presents Luxury Pet Quilts which are Created, Sewn, and Quilted in America, with Imported Fabrics and  Batting(made in USA). 

Luxury Pet Quilts by Red Fence Quilting LLC

Red Fence Quilting LLC is my small quilt business, a West Virginia home based company nestled in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. I specialize in homemade quilted products featuring:

  • Quilts for Pets and Quilts for People!  found on Red Fence Quilting LLC
  • Quilts with Multipurpose – Luxury Pet Quilts are a quilt with an attitude!  The Qu-Flap Pet Quilt has an area to insert a pet bed, cushion, mat, or pad with a cute flap to cover it up!
  • Modern, Art, and Traditional Quilt Design – I love creating quilts for various styles including modern and contemporary, art quilts abstract or pictorial, and traditional quilts.  In addition, I like to mix it up.  Put a traditional design with contemporary fabric and quilting design or a modern design with a traditional fabric and a contemporary quilting design.
  • Free Hand Free Motion Quilting – I use a method called free motion quilting to create the quilted designs on the top of the pet quilt.  With a sewing machine before me, I move the fabric to lay the thread in beautiful patterns.  Each quilt is unique since I do not use a programmable machine.
  • West Virginia Quilting– Once I asked my mother why people in West Virginia used to make quilts.  Her answer was simple.  They quilted to have something warm to sleep under. Today, I produce quilted items for all different applications.

Feel free to visit my website for my quilts for humans!  RedFenceQuilting.com.

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