Zipper Pet Quilt Facts

Who would buy a Zipper Pet Quilt?  Anyone who would like a cover for a pet bed or pet pad.

What is a Zipper Pet Quilt?  A Zipper Pet Quilt is a Quilt on top and coordinating fabric on the bottom with a zipper around either one side or extending to three sides of the Quilt Assembly.  This resembles a more traditional cover for a pet bed or cushion.  I have two different models of zipper quilts; Zipper Pad model and the Zipper Bed model.

  • The Zipper Pad Model is for the pet who has a pad or mat for sleeping or resting.  The model has a zipper on one side and no walls to the Luxury Pet Quilt.
  • The Zipper Bed Model is for the pet who has a pet bed and would like a quilted cover.  Our model can accommodate 3 to 4 inches height depending on the size of the Pet quilt.

You don’t make as many zipper quilts? I like making the Zipper Pet Quilts, but fit can be tricky.  I list the size that would fit in the Zipper Pet Quilt to aid the customer in finding the right fit.

Can the Zipper Pet Quilt work as a flat Pet Quilt?  Yes, but the sides tend to curve upward, which can be nice as well.  It provides a soft side to the Pet Quilt.

How are Zipper Pet Quilts Made?

Each one is sewn, quilted, and assembled here in the USA with either imported fabric or fabric from the USA and USA cotton batting.  Each Luxury Pet Quilt listing will state whether the fabric is imported or not.

Since they are all cotton, do they shrink?  I have already pre-washed all of the pet quilts for all models.  They have already shrunk the majority of the expected shrinkage.  Because they are all cotton, there may be some additional shrinkage, especially if washed at a higher temperature. I do recommend cool wash and cool dry.

I do take returns, but only if they are in the unopened original sealed plastic bag.

Do you have other models?  Yes!  I offer a Qu-Flap Pet Quilt which is a lovely quilt with purpose for your special pet.  Plus, I have a new model coming out in June!

Come look at the Zipper Pet Quilts available.  Click on Zipper Pet Quilts. Then, find your desired size and add one to your cart!  Have a wonderful day!